Congrats to Holly, September's FAN OF THE MONTH!

September Fan of the Month

Congrats to Holly, September’s FAN OF THE MONTH!

Holly’s Terri Clark Story

My favorite memory so far is from last year. I had my breast cancer reconstruction surgery on May 23rd. I knew the Fan Club Party was just a week & a half away after that. I was determined to heal & feel better fast so I could make the trip from Texas to Nashville. I knew I could & I DID! I heard Anita Cochran sing ‘Fight Like a Girl’ for the first time at the fan club party. Afterwards, we met and shared a hug and a few tears. I was SO exhausted during the trip, but I had so many hat brats looking after me & making sure I was feeling okay. Anita couldn’t believe I had made the trip. It was very memorable. Love my Hat Brat family.

Shows Attended: 15 or more, I’ve lost count!
Distance Traveled: All the way to Las Vegas

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